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Throne Rush

Tips about Throne Rush

Par Thom Gaming

How have 10,000 gold 10minutes?

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Already you will not need Cheat or hack
What you need is the Chateau # 6
With this you can have a thousand mine (well 6 or 4)
In moin if you can reconnect more about Rush Throne and your mine are at level 7
you can easily have gold in attendend just 10 minutes !!!

And voila !!

Cétais how to have 10,000 gold in 10 minutes

A yes!
Go to my Facebook
Liker my comments!
And come in the Brotherhood: ThomGamingPro
And especially if you like Throne Rush Go dessu: https: //www.facebook.com/groups/1539345612980504/ ref = ts & fref = ts? smiley