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Pool Live Tour

Review of the game

Review of the game

By Willy Wookz, on 10-15-13

Pool Live Tour is the most popular pool game on Facebook that features natural touch controls. It is comprehensive and plays in a 3D environment with perfect 3Dd sound effects. The game features easy to play levels whereby you are simply required to utilize your real life pool game skills to play. This enjoyable, addictive game supports 9-Ball, 8-Ball, and 3-Ball, Rotation, Bonus Games, and Straight. The feel depicted while the balls are rolling on your pool table is real. You can therefore position your cure shot to hit on various cue balls from various positions on Pool Live Tour just as you will in a real world game. 

It Is Easy and Lovey

You can play you Pool Live game with your friends on Facebook as easy as if you are in the real world. The game will bring you together with Facebook made friends from wherever they are in the entire world, thus enabling you to gain a bigger scope of who they are.
To enjoy Pool Live, what you are required of is simply to log in your game account and you are set to enjoy its greatness. If you are thinking there is anything you will be required to pay, you are wrong. This game and its entire greatness come to you free of charge. If you had prepared a fee however, maybe you could utilize that on a drink to sip as you enjoy your pool game online, or it may help at a later stage of gaming.
The game is awesome, simple and the experience felt will make you great. Once you kick off to play the game, you will meet other options to help you choose your favorite scope of play. There are multiple venues in your Pool Live Game whereby you will be required to utilize different skills. Besides, you can also choose to play a tournament. Unfortunately, in this game you will not get a table for practice or an opportunity to set your personal bets. Nevertheless, does this make your game anything less? Do not listen to crash reports. If you do, you will lose a lot of fun.   
According to reports, the Pool Live Game is one among the leading social media games. In fact, it is top five on the list categorized as a sports game online. This game provides Face bookers with various levels to play. Once you attempt it, I can bet you will get addicted. One more thing, I will forever stand with my take that nobody can resist Pool Live Game. With its attractive looks and an outstanding game play presenting to players a very clean and colorful environment, you just cannot say, No. Besides, my experience with this amazing game play taught me another thing; that the community surrounding this play is friendly and helpful.  
Just like you, I had heard some reports from some people who asserted inability to load the game. Yes, the technical game play can be challenging such that you can perceive it a little flawed. However, personally since I started playing this game I am certain when I say that I have not had trouble. To me these particular issues seem to be a bad dream that is never bound to come true. I have many times delighted in playing this game on every level and I am certain that when you present your start on Pool Live Game, you will be amazed how many times you will be longing to log in to your Facebook, just to experience the happiness brought by it. 

Let us play

Do you know how to play 8-Ball billiards in reality? If you do, apply the same skills online. The only difference is that here there are no color variations in balls as there is in the live game. However, at least there is the black ball and the rest of the balls are same colored. Simply drop them in any pockets on your pool table. 
In the event of gaming you may accidentally pocket your opponents ball, do not alarm, you will be given your chance after a simple pause. However, be careful not to pocket the 8-ball on the break, as this will make you automatically lose the game.
Utilize varied options available to upload other game features. Use your currency in buying Facebook credits or simply use your scores to enter into timed cues. Choose wisely from a variety of these cues since they come with different bonuses at varied strengths. Success in such venues will get you to the next level whereby you will be able to participate in weekly tournaments. In the initial stage, the venue will cost you only a single chip. However, this will continue rising as you proceed playing. 
Be among the 2 500 000 players enjoying the Pool Live Sport Game online everyday by simply signing in your game and installing game play assistants to enhance your online gaming experience. The game provides you with options to invite your favorite friends to play the game with you. This creates a great acquaintance of one another online. The natural touch controls on this game will make you feel great and I can bet on that. If you have not made up your minds, you may be getting a little too late.

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