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Criminal Case

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 Case 30 : The Wollcrafts' Creature

Case 30 : The Wollcrafts' Creature

Laure Fiorini, on 05-26-14

Claire Godwin, a guide of the grimsborough Museum was killed by an experimental machine. Find her killer and win a burger.    Case 30 :... Read more

Case 29

Case 29 "No smoke without Fire"

Laure Fiorini, on 05-20-14

Connor Sullivan a scout chief was found dead tied to a bonfire fire. Find clues in crime scene and arrest the... Read more

Case 28 :

Case 28 : "The Haunting of Elm Manor"

Laure Fiorini, on 05-12-14

This case takes place in the Historical Center where a man called Hector Fernandez who was found dead crushed by a chandelier. Inspect the 6 crime scenes to find some... Read more

Case 24 : Anatomy of a Murder

Case 24 : Anatomy of a Murder

Laure Fiorini, on 11-18-13

Solve this case with the help avec Wookz     Case 24 : Affaire Crime... Read more

Case 22 : To die or not to die

Case 22 : To die or not to die

Laure Fiorini, on 10-14-13

tobay we move to the historical Center district. Jacob Dawks was crushed by a sandbay and you have to find his killer. But don't worry, Wookz will helps you.... Read more

Case 21

Case 21 "The Secret Experiments"

Laure Fiorini, on 08-29-13

Solve the Rachel Priest 's murder to close the last case of the Financial Center.   Case 21 : Rachel Priest   Crime... Read more

Case 19 : Innocence Lost

Case 19 : Innocence Lost

Laure Fiorini, on 08-05-13

Solve the case 19 and find Gail Harding's Killer. Case 19 :  Gail Harding Crime Scene ·          Construction... Read more

Case 18 : In the Dead of Night

Case 18 : In the Dead of Night

Laure Fiorini, on 08-01-13

Find Freddy Strewart murder with the help of wookz. Case Freddy Stewart Crime Scene ·        Cooper Park... Read more

Case 14

Case 14 "Fashion Victim"

Laure Fiorini, on 06-17-13

Solve this 14th case and find Lucy Campbell's killer. Case 14 : Lucy Campbell Crime Scene • Clothing Shop Clue : Victim's Body,... Read more

Case 12

Case 12

Laure Fiorini, on 05-28-13

Slove this case 12 and find Samuel Rye murderer Case 12 : Samuel Rye Crime Scene • Trading Floor Clues : Victim's Body,... Read more

Case 11

Case 11 "Into the Viper's Nest"

Laure Fiorini, on 05-24-13

Solve the case 11 and find Salvador Cordero's Killer Case 11 : Salvador Cordero Crime Scene • Viper's Pit  Clues : Victim's... Read more

Case 10

Case 10 "Under the Knife"

Laure Fiorini, on 05-06-13

Slove this 10th case : murder of Alan Cardwell Case 10 : Alan Cardwell Chapter 1 • Backstreet Clues :  Victim's Body, passeport,... Read more

Case 9 : Burned to the Bone

Case 9 : Burned to the Bone

Laure Fiorini, on 05-03-13

Solve the case 9 and find Chad Whickman's Killer. Case 9: Chad Whickman Chapter 1 • Parking Spaces Clues : Victim's Boby, crumpled... Read more

Case 8

Case 8 "Beautiful No More"

Laure Fiorini, on 05-02-13

Find Trixie Velvet Murder by checking all theses crime scene. Case 8 : Trixie Velvet Chapter 1 • Restaurant Backdoor Clues :... Read more

Case 7

Case 7 "Death By Crucifixion"

Laure Fiorini, on 04-30-13

Gordon Michelli was killed by crucifixion, inspect all the crime scene to find his killer. Case 7 :Gordon Michelli Chapter 1 CRIME SCENE •... Read more

Case 6 : Ed Dunkin

Case 6 : Ed Dunkin

Laure Fiorini, on 04-29-13

Solve this sixth case with the help of Wookz.   Ed Dunkin Chapter 1 Crime Scene • Subway Station Clues: Victim's Body,... Read more

Case 5 : Anton Levin

Case 5 : Anton Levin

Laure Fiorini, on 04-22-13

Solve this Russian Case with the help of Wookz. Good Luck Officer.  Case 5 : Anton Levin Chapter 1 Crime Scene Dining Room Clues :... Read more

Case 4 : Dan Broke

Case 4 : Dan Broke

Laure Fiorini, on 04-19-13

Find all clues to complete this chapter. Dont' worry Wookz helps you.  Dan Broke Chapter 1 Crime Scene • Docks Clues :... Read more

Case 3 : Jennifer Carter

Case 3 : Jennifer Carter

Laure Fiorini, on 04-16-13

Wookz helps you to solve case 3 : Jennifer Carter's murder Chapter 1 Crime Scene • Warehouse Clues : Victime's Body, bloddy shoe... Read more

Case 2 : Ned Dillard

Case 2 : Ned Dillard

Laure Fiorini, on 04-09-13

Ned Dillard found in a dirty bathroom, his hand cut off. Wookz helps you to find the killer. Crime Scene • Junkyard Garden Clues : Cut off... Read more