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Criminal Case

Case 28 :

Case 28 : "The Haunting of Elm Manor"

By Laure Fiorini, on 05-12-14

This case takes place in the Historical Center where a man called Hector Fernandez who was found dead crushed by a chandelier. Inspect the 6 crime scenes to find some clues and arrest his killer.




Case 28 : The Haunting of Elm Manor

Crime Scenes


·         Haunted House



Clues :  Victim's Body, basket


·         East Wing 



Clue : Hidden Trap



·         Chapel



Clue : Broken Device



·         Pews




Clues : Chest, Note


·       Greenhouse



Clue :  Mortar, Flower bouquet 


·         Raised Beds


Clues : garden knife, Creepy Whistle



Gloria Fernandez



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