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Criminal Case

Case 22 : To die or not to die

Case 22 : To die or not to die

By Laure Fiorini, on 10-14-13

tobay we move to the historical Center district. Jacob Dawks was crushed by a sandbay and you have to find his killer. But don't worry, Wookz will helps you.  


Case 22 :  Jacob Dawks




Crime Scene

·        Grimsborough Theater


Clues : sandbag, Victim's body


·          Jacob's Room



Clue : Torn Paybill


·          Galloway's Antique Shop



Clue : Sack of papers


·         Jacob's Bed


Clues : Drawer, torn paper


·       Backstage



Clue : pulley


·         The shop entrance



Clue : human skull




Phineas Fine


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