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Clash of Clans

Review of the game

Review of the game

By Willy Wookz, on 10-27-13

The Clash of Clans game has gradually built up a committed following, since they enjoy the fun and addictive game play that it features.  The game was originally released for the iOS in 2012, but it has sense been released once more on Android systems.  If you haven't ever thought about playing a large scale fantasy game online, this may be a great choice to make.  This is because the game places an emphasis on strategy, which will challenge the skills of many players out there.  You may just find that you get engrossed in what it has to offer, so you will be coming back to see if you can take your game to the next level.
There are quite a few different elements to the game, but it is a strategy game at is core.  It involves a fight between two different factions.  There will be two sides of a conflict, which will be divided in to defenders and attackers.  Both sides will be given the chance to build up their armies with a host of different options within the game.  Think about learning some of the strengths and weaknesses behind these units.  This can help make sure that you get linked up with the right components that can support your strategy in the game itself.  Make sure that you will be prepared to deal with your opponents strategy in game as well.
Some people may generally be impressed by the graphics that they see in this game.  It has been designed for mobile devices out there, but it will still feature some slick graphics.  This can help people find the right way to keep up with the action that they see during the game.  Players who can follow what is going on during Clash of Clans will be more better equipped to make sound decisions.  Think about the benefits you have when you can accurately track enemy movements.  This is the primary advantage you can expect to get when you try out this game through either your iOS or Android based phone.
All the armies in the game will be funded by gold and fueled by elixir.  Both of these will be major components that everyone will need to track down if they are going to become successful at this game.  Think about whether you may be able to locate some of these products when you check them out sometime during the campaign mode.  This could be the best way for many players to stockpile large quantities of these resources.  This will also help players become better equipped to deal with some of the issues that may naturally affect their strategy.  Think about learning to balance your stores of gold and elixir alongside your need for ready made troop deployments.  Discovering this balance will go a long way towards helping players hone their skills for this strategy game.
In addition to some of the basic troop types, players can also build heroes that can help them win battles that they undertake.  These heroes can be produced alongside the troops that you generate at your barracks.  Think about whether you may need to incorporate heroes to help improve your overall strategy in a game.  Not surprisingly, these heroes will be much stronger than some of the other units that you may have used in the past.  Learning when to invest in troops and when to invest in heroes is one of the more critical steps to mastering this game.  When you have done this, it will help you elevate your strategic thinking and gain a competitive advantage over your foes.
There is even a cooperative element that many players enjoy about this game.  Think about whether you may enjoy having the chance to work with other players to help defeat some of your foes.  They can even join in with you while you try to complete several different phases of a side quest.  By doing this, you may just find that you can finish tasks faster and accumulate more rewards in the process.  This is why many players have started exclusively playing through this mode, since they can enjoy what they get here.  Think about whether you may want to chat with your friend during this game as well, since this can be a very rewarding process.
In all, this is an exciting strategy game that you can expect to give you some good use through your mobile device.  It was actually developed by Supercell, which is a company that has been based in Helsinki.  If you want concrete proof of how popular this game is, just look at the earnings data that the company has generated.  It was estimated that the company was earning over $2.4 million a day for the apps that it moderated, including Clash of Clans.

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